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Please Read Before Submitting Your Event

The South Florida (and beyond) Jazz List covers all Events that have a “JAZZ theme, component and/or are performed by Jazz Musicians.” I cover all of South Florida and, sometimes beyond — Fort Worth, Jupiter, etc. A big NOTE here: DJ’s are not considered the same as Live Music.


  1. In BLUE is the format that I use which was developed by our JAZZ Lovers’ feedback! PARKING is critical! You don’t want to go out on the town with your partner to give up in desperation because you can’t find parking! PLEASE include Parking info!
  2. Here’s is the format:
    Date of event, name of group (with sidemen and the instrument he/she plays)
    Start time/end time, address of venue, INCLUDING zip code and telephone number, cover charge (if any), minimum consumption (if applicable), information on parking — is valet parking available, how much? (location of venue — Sunrise, South Miami, Downtown Miami, West Palm Beach etc.) Deadline is every TUESDAY for publication on Thursday. If you have monthly gigs (that repeat every Tuesday, for example), please send them all at once and that way I can put them in to the calendar all at once!
  3. Include links to your event website or Facebook events pages so people know where to go for more information.
  4. Although everyone appreciates a FREE show, if there is an entertainment charge, please provide the  links to buy tickets.
  5. If you have an image of the group, or your photo, please include it. It helps make my job easier!
  6. Questions? I am always available to help at!!!

Your event will be reviewed and published if it meets our guidelines within 24-48 hours (in most cases).

Thank you, your event will be reviewed and published if it meets our guidelines.


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