James McCoy Quartet at The Liberty Plaza (Miami Beach)


June 8, 2024    
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

James McCoy is a bassist who began working professionally in high school. It was through this experience and the excellent musical instruction and encouragement he received there that lead to his decision to make playing the bass his career. During High School! James is a mature musician who understands the role of the bass in any groove or musical context. He is a first call upright and electric bass player in South Florida. His experience and knowledge speak for themselves when you hear him play. TONIGHT James will be playing acoustic bass and vocals, and will be joined by Brian Lange on drums,  Pete Wallace on keys,  and Ismael Vergara on  saxophones. FREE CONCERT! There is street parking or inside the Collins Park Parking Garage, 340 23rd St. Miami Beach, 33139. We like masks if you do. (Miami Beach)