“Amazonas: The Rhythm of Nature” by The Brazilian Voices at the the Sondrell Rivers Theater (Miami)


October 20, 2023    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Brazilian Voices presents  Brazilian artist Ernesto Kunde, “AMAZONAS: The Rhythm of Nature” a multi-dimensional ARTS concert, with the vibrant paintings of Clara Piquet and the transformative landscapes of Ernesto Kunde, where you can not only enjoy world-class performances but also become part of a movement to protect our environment and honor the rich culture of the Amazon Rainforest and the Everglades. The Brazilian Voices weave a narrative that highlights both the strength and fragility of our planet’s ecosystems. Join us in this immersive experience;  explore and let their art inspire you to make a difference. This event is your chance to connect with the rhythm of nature and be part of a positive change for our planet. In the heart of Miami’s vibrant Liberty City, the Sandrell Rivers Theater will come alive with Brazilian Voices accompanied by a talented band (featuring Jorge L. Sosa, Daniel Stable, Ivo Carvalho, and Rey Monroig). But this event is more than just music; it’s a call to action. Tickets: $8-23 here or at the door: https://tickets.ftfshows.com/TheatreManager/1/login?event=1023 Plenty of FREE self-parking in secure parking lot. We like masks if you do. (Miami)